Before I started writing, I read a lot. When I was a kid, it was baseball, warfare, dinosaurs, rockets, fantasy. I even read a romance. Then I got serious about school, so for a long while it was science and mathematics – though you don’t exactly read mathematics. You do it, you don’t read it. […]

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They say you cannot judge a book by its cover. You would think that would be particularly true of ebooks, for which the cover is – let’s not mince words – a postage stamp. Before we get too far, let’s note that the Post Office spends a lot of money making sure its stamps look […]

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I’m having to deal with reviews these days – folks who opine about a piece of writing. In my case, that usually means a novel. New writers are often interested in reviews. I am. There are two models of review. The ‘wise man’ model, where the reviewer is someone expert and/or well informed, and the […]

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My first post.

My first post. Let me begin by saying, I don’t know what I’m doing setting up a website. At all. So you’ll need a bit of patience. The website is for discussing my fiction, or anyone’s fiction, or anything that anyone wants to discuss. The First Amendment applies here. The site is not for commerce. […]

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