Milky Way Tango

I reformatted my sci-fi story and turned the two-volume series into a four-volume series.
This was just a marketing move. At first I wasn’t aware of the problem, but with two volumes, each volume was 700-800 pages long. That made little difference with ebooks, since page numbers in ebooks are like monopoly money. But the print versions were absolute bricks, which means they were expensive to print and ship. That’s not good.
I mean, who’s buying War and Peace anymore??
Some authors handle this by jamming small print into the brick. I hate that. Once upon a time, I bought a beautiful book, the collected works of Charles Dickens, leather bound and gorgeous. But the print was so small, I couldn’t read it. So the gorgeous book sits on my book shelf, never to be read.
Anyway, I put the story into four volumes. Milky Way Tango became Milky Way Tango and Milky Way Boogie. Milky Way Gala became Milky Way March, followed by Milky Way Gala.
With four volumes, I can offer Milky Way Tango for free, or for a low price, and then charge $2.99 for each other volume. That gives the reader a freebie and lets them decide if they want to continue with the story. And I don’t have to give away most of the story.
My best friend thinks the (four volume) print versions are weird, that the story in each doesn’t really hang together as a novel. He might be right. But he’s not a Kindle person; he buys paperbacks. The four-volume series makes more sense for ebooks and for me these outsell print books 10-1.
So that’s the ins and outs of that issue.