The Mystery of the Missing Volume

Hi folks,

As some of you might know, I wrote a science fiction series, the Belt Stories. Originally, there were four volumes, beginning with Milky Way Tango, ending with Milky Way Gala. You might have noticed, volume three, “Milky Way March,” has been missing.

Not to worry. The material from Milky Way March has been moved into the other volumes. Several readers complained that the volumes were too short. Proceeding on my belief that the customer is always – repeat, always – right, I removed the third volume and made the other volumes longer.

Problem solved.

You see, that’s a great thing about e-books, especially for a new author. If readers want a different presentation than the original, it’s easy to give that to them. So over time, the series or the novel gets better. It also lets an author use reader comments and reviews to improve the book.

So, a plea to all readers: if you like a book, especially an ebook by a new author, please write a review. Three sentences is all it takes – one to describe the story, another to say what you liked, a third to say what you did not like. Learn pith.

And don’t tell me to piss on pith. That joke is older than I am.

Seriously, even a few sentences can help the author improve the book.

I should admit, by means of disclosure, I do not act on every comment I receive. But neither do I complain or argue. Remember…

… the customer is always right.

Thanks for reading. Roger Alan Bonner

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