Thirds, a novel

Hey, folks,

I wish to announce, I’m editing a new two-volume science fiction story. At this writing, the story occupies 850 pages. The lead volume (of two) is entitled “Thirds.” Its underlying theme is discrimination based on physical characteristics such as race or sex. I hope to begin first sales of both volumes on or near December 1.

Does everyone remember “Prince and the Pauper,” by Mark Twain? Twain used that story to criticize the plight of the poor in eighteenth-century Britain. The book generated such discussion and distaste that it led the British to improve their treatment of the poor. It is an ingenious story, written with courage and beauty.

Twain used individual perspective to carry his story – in London, there are two adolescent boys who, though unrelated, look and sound like identical twins. One is a crown prince of England; the other, a pauper living on the streets of London. As a critical narrative device, through an accident the two exchange places, the prince thrown onto the streets and the pauper installed in the Royal Court.

The reader then sees both the streets and the Royal Palace through the eyes of a visitor, an alien, if you will.

“Thirds” aspires to do something similar with respect to discrimination. In this story, humans have become a space-faring race and are exploring the galaxy. They encounter a tri-sexual society called Surana, where biological reproduction relies on cooperation among three distinct sexes – males, females, and tris (thus the title). The humans and the Suranans begin to pursue normal cultural, political, and economic relations. Driven largely but not entirely by the biology of the two species, a political environment, with imperatives and obstacles, develops. In this environment the story takes its course, with occasional shocks from biological events and news.

What I like about the story is that biology and politics drive the characters and the plot. I just think that’s cool.

If this sounds like your cup of tea – sorry, I’m on a British kick this week; do they still drink tea, or is that a stupid question? – then look for “Thirds” around December 1 at Amazon, Apple, Walmart (Kobo), Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Draft2Digital.

In the meantime, stay safe and keep reading something you enjoy.


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