The Belt Stories

Hi folks,

I recently made some changes to the Belt stories, and I’m writing to address potential confusion about that. The Belt Stories was a four-volume science fiction series. Well, one reader wrote a bad review of the first volume, Milky Way Tango, because it was short. I guess she was used to a novel being longer than 230 pages. She also complained that the volume was written to induce the reader to buy volume two.

She was right about that.

I did not take it seriously at first. After all, the first volume was discounted to 99 cents, so where’s the harm? Then I reminded myself – the customer is always right. So, I reformatted the series into three volumes. Milky Way March, the third volume, disappeared, and its content moved into the other adjacent books (Milky Way Boogie and Milky Way Gala). Milky Way Tango became longer as well.

Here’s a glitch – these books used subtitles to indicate their position in the series, e.g. Milky Way Tango, volume one of the Belt Stories. Amazon does not permit a change in the subtitle of a book.

Consequently, though “volume three” of the series has disappeared, the content of the stories is the same as before.

I just wanted to clarify that. Thanks for reading.

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