Price Cut

Hey Guys and Girls,

I just thought I would announce a price cut. I have four full-length novels out there. They were priced at $2.99. From now on, the prices will be $1.99. I think the original prices were too high, especially given the pandemic.

My friends tell me that readers don’t buy on price. Well, just between you and me – I’m a reader, and I definitely buy on price. I like to scope around for new authors who write well and price low. Edward Robertson comes to mind (awesome sci-fi and fantasy). That’s a bit of a hobby.

A brief aside, and I’ll let you go. No surprise, I buy ebooks. The last time I bought a paper book was several years ago. I was in a well-known, bricks-and-mortar bookstore in USA (we have one left), and I found a really nice, leather-bound edition of Dickens’s novels for $20. This book was a bit of a brick, but it was a beautiful brick. Engraved leather binding, shiny, gold-embossed pages, red satin page marker.

I was in love, so I bought the thing. I still have it. However, when I tried to sit down and read Oliver Twist, it was difficult because the print was so small (I’m an old guy, so it’s beginning to be an issue).

You know, Dickens did tend to run on at times – that means small print.

Anyway, I clicked myself to a large, well-known ebook supplier and found the collected works of Charles Dickens in an ebook for $2.95, as I recall. That’s the one I read because you can adjust the print.

The ebook is handy, but the print book is beautiful. One is a computer file; the other is art.

Read on, rock on, and stay safe.


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