Customer contact

Hi Guys and Girls,

I hope everyone is staying safe. That’s all I’ll say about the virus.

It occurred to me – late, I admit – that folks could not use my blog to contact me. That’s not good, since I really enjoy – and sometimes cherish – comments from readers, even negative comments. The customer is always right, right? I was slow off the mark because my provider offered email and other services through a third party, but I don’t trust the third party.

So, I set up an email account for anyone wishing to make contact. It is Easy to remember, don’t you think?

If you send me an email, I might re-post your comments so that anyone can read them. But if you ask me not to, then I won’t.

I might clean up the language, if necessary. If your topic strays outside of writing, I might keep your comments private (unless they’re really amusing).

I should admit, I’m not much of a blogger. There are a couple reasons – first, I really enjoy writing fiction, and I try to save time to do that. Second, I spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen; I’d like to spend less time doing that, not more.

Roger Alan Bonner

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