They say you cannot judge a book by its cover. You would think that would be particularly true of ebooks, for which the cover is – let’s not mince words – a postage stamp.

Before we get too far, let’s note that the Post Office spends a lot of money making sure its stamps look nice. Hmmmm.

Moreover, the experts all seem to agree, it is important to put a nice cover, a professional cover, on the front of an ebook. I recently did that for the five ebooks I’ve written so far. Before that, I did my own covers. And, even though I liked them  – applauding courage, if not talent – I had to concede, they weren’t all that good. The new ones are a lot better.

Maybe that tells us why readers and writers like nice covers on ebooks. It is not because the cover says anything about the contents of the ebook.

It’s because the cover is just … cool. And fun to look at. You know?

They’re Art. They don’t need to be functional.

Okay. That sounds plausible. But it raises another question – why don’t authors put naked blonds – or firemen – on their covers?

That would be Art too.

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