The Belt Stories

Hi folks, I recently made some changes to the Belt stories, and I’m writing to address potential confusion about that. The Belt Stories was a four-volume science fiction series. Well, one reader wrote a bad review of the first volume, Milky Way Tango, because it was short. I guess she was used to a novel […]

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Price Cut

Hey Guys and Girls, I just thought I would announce a price cut. I have four full-length novels out there. They were priced at $2.99. From now on, the prices will be $1.99. I think the original prices were too high, especially given the pandemic. My friends tell me that readers don’t buy on price. […]

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Customer contact

Hi Guys and Girls, I hope everyone is staying safe. That’s all I’ll say about the virus. It occurred to me – late, I admit – that folks could not use my blog to contact me. That’s not good, since I really enjoy – and sometimes cherish – comments from readers, even negative comments. The […]

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A Price Promotion

Hey Guys and Girls, I’m sponsoring a promotion. Between December 5 and 24, Milky Way Tango will be free at Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Amazon usually matches a price cut, and I hope they do this time as well. Tango is the first of a four-volume science fiction romance. If you like strong […]

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Everybody likes what they like

You learn something new every day. One thing I’ve always known is that my books are not for everybody. I think that’s true of almost all writers. But lately, I’ve learned more – I’ve learned that I can predict who will like each book. I have a number of reviews now, and I noticed that […]

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Big Mac Pricing

Earlier this week, I took part in an online discussion among writers, on the challenges of promoting ebooks. We generally agreed that there are so many ebooks out there that getting noticed is a near impossible accident having little to do with the quality (or lack thereof) of one’s writing. I think we can all […]

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Hi there, You know what’s new these days? Readers. I have readers now, people who buy my books, read them, and once in a while review them. How cool is that? Now, some readers… a few, actually… don’t like one of my books. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not complaining. I believe that every reader […]

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A few months ago, I learned that I had made a serious mistake, that I had published my novels before the writing was clean enough for an audience. It was entirely my fault; I simply did not know how much work it took to produce a clean manuscript which read well. I learned that through […]

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Before I started writing, I read a lot. When I was a kid, it was baseball, warfare, dinosaurs, rockets, fantasy. I even read a romance. Then I got serious about school, so for a long while it was science and mathematics – though you don’t exactly read mathematics. You do it, you don’t read it. […]

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They say you cannot judge a book by its cover. You would think that would be particularly true of ebooks, for which the cover is – let’s not mince words – a postage stamp. Before we get too far, let’s note that the Post Office spends a lot of money making sure its stamps look […]

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