A Book Promo for February 2021

Now that the election is behind us, I am running a three-week promo: from February 3 to February 24, THE VOTE TRADER will be free at most major ebook platforms. THE VOTE TRADER is a novella, a warm little adult story in social science fiction. Hector, a gray market financial expert, lives in Brooklyn. Though […]

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The Mystery of the Missing Volume

Hi folks, As some of you might know, I wrote a science fiction series, the Belt Stories. Originally, there were four volumes, beginning with Milky Way Tango, ending with Milky Way Gala. You might have noticed, volume three, “Milky Way March,” has been missing. Not to worry. The material from Milky Way March has been […]

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Thirds, a novel

Hey, folks, I wish to announce, I’m editing a new two-volume science fiction story. At this writing, the story occupies 850 pages. The lead volume (of two) is entitled “Thirds.” Its underlying theme is discrimination based on physical characteristics such as race or sex. I hope to begin first sales of both volumes on or […]

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Beta Readers

Hey Guys and Girls, I’ve never used beta readers on my books, not that I haven’t tried. I have encountered people saying they’re willing to read a rough draft, but they never actually got around to it. Maybe you get what you pay for. Since I am a new writer, I cannot pay much. I […]

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The Belt Stories

Hi folks, I recently made some changes to the Belt stories, and I’m writing to address potential confusion about that. The Belt Stories was a four-volume science fiction series. Well, one reader wrote a bad review of the first volume, Milky Way Tango, because it was short. I guess she was used to a novel […]

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Price Cut

Hey Guys and Girls, I just thought I would announce a price cut. I have four full-length novels out there. They were priced at $2.99. From now on, the prices will be $1.99. I think the original prices were too high, especially given the pandemic. My friends tell me that readers don’t buy on price. […]

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Customer contact

Hi Guys and Girls, I hope everyone is staying safe. That’s all I’ll say about the virus. It occurred to me – late, I admit – that folks could not use my blog to contact me. That’s not good, since I really enjoy – and sometimes cherish – comments from readers, even negative comments. The […]

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A Price Promotion

Hey Guys and Girls, I’m sponsoring a promotion. Between December 5 and 24, Milky Way Tango will be free at Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Amazon usually matches a price cut, and I hope they do this time as well. Tango is the first of a four-volume science fiction romance. If you like strong […]

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Everybody likes what they like

You learn something new every day. One thing I’ve always known is that my books are not for everybody. I think that’s true of almost all writers. But lately, I’ve learned more – I’ve learned that I can predict who will like each book. I have a number of reviews now, and I noticed that […]

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Big Mac Pricing

Earlier this week, I took part in an online discussion among writers, on the challenges of promoting ebooks. We generally agreed that there are so many ebooks out there that getting noticed is a near impossible accident having little to do with the quality (or lack thereof) of one’s writing. I think we can all […]

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